Combining a few of Freeman Dyson’s ideas with those of Apollonius of Perga

Today was spent designing a machine to elevate a few hundred tons of ore from seabed no deeper than 2500 feet. This would be sandy and fine particulate ore not nodules, or large rocks.

I have recently been re-learning much of Apollonius of Perga’s theories about conic sections, and seeking to track down what is known about three bladed helical impellers. I’m also dusting off my chemistry book and learning about density of particulates borne in fluids.

The invention I’m working on here is really just for test mining. If you’re going to send a ship, you may as well bring back enough ore to do a full smelting run. The ore may turn out to be not rich enough in grams per ton, but whatever you get, and can make ingots with, cuts down the net cost of the venture.

It may take five or ten ore collection ventures to finally bring in a mother lode of high yield ore. But if the costs of each venture are largely defrayed by the ingots of value material that you do get from what you have brought back, then the final cost of finding an ore bed that can be mined at great profit for a long time can be minimized.

As you may know, I am the inventor of Paper Bullion Bank Bill (US 2018/0018845 A1 also known as Appl. No.: 14/999,947 see, and I want people to use gold as money. But to do that, they must have gold, and I think I know where to find it, and how to bring it in. I know how to put the gold enmeshed in the fibers of the paper, and I know why a big global bank would want to put its name on the paper, and issue this new global currency. Private Banking is a big thing now, and wealth management, and international trade. There’s a Trillion dollars worth of new bank business at stake in capturing this market. My patent is the key.

But it needs support, in the form of new gold to fill the new bank bills. So, helical impeller blade design has been my project, and slurry density chemistry.

The point, of course, is not to play around with sand, mud, and metallic particles. The point is to restore human integrity on planet Earth by giving people honest money to do business with. Honest money makes people more honest, starting with their governments. USA could never have gotten itself $22 Trillion is debt if it knew it was going to have to pay that debt with gold. USA does not even have enough gold at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel to pay its balance of trade deficits. Other countries are getting tired of taking US Bonds, and Treasury Bills, and bales of $100 bills.

Purpose is what drives inventors. They, like everybody else, want to make some difference in this world. My mission is more human integrity.


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