Theoretical Civics

Oh you poor dear, you have to deal with something theoretical, and here you were being practical today, and diligently doing your job search. And now, take a break and wander off into hypotheticals, like a goof-off.

Imagine that on Inauguration day Trump had been caught with 20 million counterfeit ballots, printed just as the ballots in various battleground states. Imagine that the states decided to re-examine all their paper ballots, and they found that the ballot boxes had been stuffed with counterfeit ballots identical in printing and in how they were filled out with the ones Donald J Trump was caught with in his possession.

Now, you come and tell me that the US Constitution has a remedy for that, and the remedy is to declare the election invalid, and the election of Trump to be a legal nullity, and void ab initio, and that a new election must be held immediately to find the true President, or perhaps you say that the person with the second most votes gets fleeted up to be the winner with the most qualifying votes. For example Hillary, in 2016, could have been fleeted up the day after Trump was caught red-handed cheating in that election.

I’ve only been doing Constitutional law for 40 years, so many of you know a lot more than I do about this topic, and I am anxious to learn from you.

But I say that no, there would not have been such a Constitutional remedy. Not the day after the Inauguration, not two years after it. Not with fraudulent ballots red-handed in Trump’s possession and not with treasonous manipulation using the intelligence service of an enemy foreign power.

You have Amendment 25, you have Impeachment, and that’s about it. Once a person has been Inaugurated and taken the Oath, if they don’t resign, or die, and they show up for work at least once or twice a week, pal you are stuck with them. The Founders have have been geniuses, but they were not clairvoyant. They did not imagine that you, and you, and those hillbillies back there would elect anybody remotely like Al Capone, Ken Lay, or Donald J. Trump to be the President. Black swans they saw. That one, they did not see.

What we have here is a situation where the elephant in the room is that there is no fair and just Constitutional remedy. And to this regrettable quandry now come the pettifogging ditherers who will take until Election Day 2020 to get an Impeachment trial going for Trump. The trial will be gavelled to order, Trump’s victory in the Electoral College, again, will be announced two days later, and the entire proceeding will be flushed down the cosmic oubliette. I tell you pal, it’s easily done. Happens every day on Highway 61.

You think you got something on Trump. Don’t make a career out of it. Use it or lose it. You were not elected to mewl, and whine, and suck your thumb. Shuffle your feet, shuffle your papers, Muellerize, Cohenate, or obfuscate. Brace up my hearties. Do your jobs.


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