Beating Trump

The Only Strategy to Beat Trump in 2020

Let’s be clear, just for one moment. Right now, Trump’s chance of winning in 2020 is at least 80%.

The Dems in the Congress want to make careers and book deals out of their extended historical roles in the impeachment of Trump. This means that the impeachment proceedings, will begin so late, and Trump’s defense managers in the US Senate will have 10,000 pages of material to comb through to find possible exculpatory evidence, and presenting all of that in detail, as Trump will be fully entitled to do, will take until after November of 2020.

When the Electoral College votes are counted, and Trump has been re-elected, the entire Mueller/Cohen/SDNY imbroglio will vanish like a scribble on an Erase-O-Trace machine. Trump gets Inaugurated, and sworn in, and pardons all humans about which there is any unfavorable information in the abovesaid imbroglio.

So, is there any chance that the Dems could prevent Trump from getting a second term?

Yes, actually there is, but it would take a level of adroitness and discipline that they simply do not possess.

There would have to be a strong Democratic National Committee that brings the party into focus in the minds of voters. Getting this focus means an emphasis on policy first and who the candidate is second. The DNC would agree to back fully whatever candidate is best and most credible on these three issues.

1. Causing the standard deduction to go up from about $12,000 to about $25,000.

2. Creating a stronger special relationship with UK and the Commonwealth nations, as the cornerstone of a more powerful NATO, as the bulwark against the expansion of Russian power into Europe, and driving the USA out of Europe.

3. Using Fair Trade, instead of Free Trade, as the basis for reciprocal trade, which is dollar-for-dollar even-steven and fair from day-to-day, week-to-week, and year-to-year, so that USA runs no trade deficits with any nation at any time.

It does not matter if the candidate is male or female, old or young, experienced, or inexperienced, well-known, or not well-known. All that matters is the credibility of the candidate as the vessel to bring the DNC policy to the consideration of the voters in USA.

Anybody will do. Any race, any sex, any background. If they can carry the torch of DNC policy. And they will get all the cash and all the endorsements over which the DNC has any control or influence. So, it’s 100% behind the right person to carry the message. It’s a decision made by the DNC, for the benefit of the DNC, the registered democrats in USA, and the people of the USA.

Oh, you don’t like this —- you want 39 liberal-sounding mobs having a riot, that lasts well into 2020, and confronting Trump with no actual person bearing no actual policy message. That way, you imagine that Trump who owns the votes of 35% of the voters and a much more substantial share of the Electors who will decide the 2020 outcome, will lose, to such a hazy mist, of incoherent whining, about 398 issues that nobody but eggheads understand?

I cannot call myself a “conservative” anymore. The meaning of the word has simply shifted out from under me. I’m an old Cold Warrior, and a student of economics. I’m no liberal in the “Imagine” (by John Lennon) sense of the term. I was around when the Summer of Love happened, and when Woodstock happened. I believe in the things in my book “Make Your Own Good Luck” by Robert Fenton Gary, which you can buy at Amazon. I’m a ship that passes you in the night. Pay no attention. You don’t care about politics. Now get back to your job search, and stop goofing off.


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  1. The problem with impeaching Trump is that the investigations into his many many many crimes will go on too long and fill too many briefing books. Once a trial in the US Senate begins, Trump can continue with his defense for as long as he likes.

    All he needs to do is run out the clock.

    If he is the President-Elect at the end of November 2020, which is going to be in next year, since we are now in 2019, the entire dog and pony show will be for naught.

    Here’s something you don’t know — but should know. Everything takes longer than it takes, and costs more than it costs. And that is particularly true when every single person involved has got an agent seeking a book deal somewhere in the background and thus wants to maximize the extent and volume and profile of their participation in the process.


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