Secure Fiber Optic Patent Making Progress on April 16, 2019

I have the claims about half done. I have the drawings, and most of the descriptions of the drawings.

The Detailed Description is going to take awhile.

I know how the system works.

It will solve huge problems in this world.

But, I will not be allowed to sell it to foreigners, like the Bank of China. It’s a little national defense sensitive.

I expect to have it filed by the end of 2019, and hopefully issued by the end of 2022.

Things will go a lot faster if the sale of my first patent (Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items) US 10176661 comes through. I want people to read it on They can get my address from the US Patent Gazette. They can send me a postcard. It is priced to move.

With the money from my first patent, I could get some legal help making my secure fiber optic signalling patent go smoothly.

I have been a member of the US Patent Bar since 1985, but prosecuting a patent is not the same as litigating cases about patents. So, I could use some help.

My training is in physics and chemistry, and I have an MBA, and a JD, so if a technology firm wants to work with me and help my secure fiber optic patent get issued, that would be very nice. They can find my address in the US Patent Gazette under said patent number.

For my bio they can go to htts:// … @ wordpressdotcom



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