Lilacs Out of a Dead Land — My Patent and its Prospective Buyers

Big global banks are ideal.

They need to have branches in many countries that are open to the public during regular business hours.

Most of the retail level users of Paper Bullion Bank Bill will be jet set people. Many in international business. Some society people, or famous people, and some tourists, or ex-pats.

I would love to see Bank of America step up and buy my patent. Or JP Morgan Chase.

But Amazon would be fine, and Walmart, and Ford, and Chevy, and Facebook, and Tesla.

For making the bills, I would favor De La Rue, which has plenty of experience with Acetates of Europium and inclusions in plastic banknotes. Crane could do the job, but there would be much to learn.

Any well-connected person, entity, VC firm, or Broker could do well with my patent because it has a dozen strong applications,  and several of these could be sold off or licensed out immediately by a well-connected Big Important Person (not a Pro Se patent filer living in fly-over USA, like me).

I want $16 million for my patent, which took me 16 years of work to get. If the buyer mentions your name, in the course of closing the deal with me, you can have 25% of what I get from the buyer. That way, the 10 seconds you spend mentioning my invention to the right person will be fully compensated, and you will know you were treated fairly. Similarly, if some Big Big Huge Important Power Person loves you really really quite a lot, they could buy my patent and mention your name so that you get the earned income brokerage fee. They might want to give you a start of The Road to Earned Income. Huge Power Persons do not use their own personal money to do such transactions. It’s companies that can use my patent, mostly banks, innovators, VC types, and high tech firms — the kind that Huge Power Persons own, or greatly influence.

I fear that I will end up selling to Bank of China, or Bank of Japan, which bespeaks the deadness of the innovation market in USA. Why would any American company innovate at all, when they can drive earnings per share up just by buying in their own shares. Why would they worry about product pipeline when there’s 37 days left till the end of the current quarter? Perhaps they could write off the cost of my patent as an R&D expense, but that’s the for consideration in late December, not now.

China loves patents. It builds powerful patent walls, thickets, and moats. It files and gets a lot of patents from USPTO, and they are superbly researched, brilliantly written, and skillfully prosecuted. I have nothing to say about China stealing American technology, except that-reading their patents, as I do every day, I am surprised if China has to steal technology from us.

Japan is also a forward thinking nation. They see the long term, and how innovations will play out down through the years. They think, therefor they are. Descartes would call them “my vindicators — the proof of my pudding.”

It’s possible that some VC firm in USA will read my patent and see its value, especially in their well-connected hands. Even if it’s bought by a patent flipper or technology speculator the money will be useful as working capital to help me along in my next inventions. Edison needed working capital. Any inventor does. So flippers — welcome.

I’m working on an ultra secure fiber optic signalling system. People are starting to tire of having half a billion accounts hacked, raided, and spied on every year. All your medical data, purchasing data, banking data, and free speech is hacked, stored, AI’ed, data analytic screened, and malwared, so people are starting to want something else. Another 5 years or so and they will be ready for an ultra secure fiber optic method. Mine unbreakable. It’s not T-1 fast, it’s actually slow by current modern standards. But the pranksters won’t get you, and the thieves won’t see your banking data, and the spies won’t get your missile test data. That could be of value, maybe in five years. It will take a lot more abuse before people start to ask for better cable security, but they will, or somebody will, maybe banks, or the Pentagon.

The new patent is more complex than US10176661B2 (see it on called Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items by Robert Fenton Gary, issued on 08 Jan 2019, and good till 18 July 2036. This patent claims priority dating back to August 13, 2015, so it is the bedrock patent in Photon-DSP, its field.


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