How to Become the Number One Superpower — Own the Global Reserve Currency — be the Only Maker of it.

My trickle up method of finding a buyer could be realized by just having 10,000 people know about Photon-DSP technology, and how to find my patent for future reference.

Or some billionaire might have a niece who he wants to start on the path to earned income, so he buys my patent, and mentions his niece as the one who told him about it, and then he pays me $16 million, knowing that his niece just earned her first $4 million as a brokerage fee.

Or, some bank in China, realizes that most of the rare earths come from China and that China has a lot of gold, and that part of becoming the Big Huge Superpower is being the creator of the next global reserve currency, something that’s not the US Dollar, and that has a picture of a Chinese Person on one side and a picture of a Chinese Bank on the other side, and that has inscriptions in Chinese all over it.

Or, a company that makes its income by pioneering, and innovating decides that one of the applications of my technology would enable them to make the perfect new product, so they pay me, so they can own my patent, and not have to deal with me in the Courts.

I cannot specify in detail the path the the Pachinko balls will take. It is Pachinko, you see. The balls goes as it will.

A buyer will step forward. $16 million is a microscopic price to pay for a bedrock breakthrough new technology. It’s the amount of money that corresponds to the number of years I worked on the patent (16). And it does not include all the years spent studying math, chemistry and physics.

I can only sell to one buyer. A qualified buyer in good faith will not be turned away. So, I sort of rely on emergent order and free markets, all that stuff they taught me in Business School. I cast my bread upon the waters (pay Facebook to run my ads).

Risk taking is what inventors do. It’s very costly to get a good patent, and until it issues, you can never be sure you will get it. So advertising is just follow-on bread — more bread on the waters.

My patent can be found at under US10176661B2 and it’s called Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items by Robert Fenton Gary.

And you can read 30 articles about it at

And if you go to Google and just look at the first page in PDF, you can see a drawing on my invention, and you can read a 200 word abstract, which might take you about 90 seconds to read.

Google Patents


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