Finally a Big Bank Comes Through — in My Dreams

My Dream —-

JP Morgan Chase decides to market test Paper Bullion Bank Bill. They ask me to work with De La Rue to make 200 sheets of bills.

It turns out that the company can make the bills quite easily, using +3 Europium Acetates, and finely powdered gold dust.

They just make 1/10 oz bills but they put Dalton on the front and the Chase Bank Building on the back.

The bills are just given as awards to Chase employees with meritorious service in their records.

These people know they can redeem the bills at 5 places in Europe, and they do. The authentication machines work perfectly. The whole experiment is a huge success.

Then the neighbors slam the door and it wakes me up. I try to hang on to the dream but in spite of my earnest efforts it flies out of my mind, and all I can think about is shower and coffee.

Putting the stevia squirt in, first sip, ahhhhhhhh.


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