Not All Patents Are the Same

A global bank stands to make $20 Billion over the next 20 years if they issue and handle Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

James the problem is fiat money, which is not even paper anymore. Now it’s just keystrokes sent out by the Fed, to the Reserve system banks.

In an attempt to address this 20 banks in UK and USA have issued Gold backed credit cards. This is not fiat money this is Rhetorical gold, where the word “gold” is placed on the assets, but the supposed owners of the imagined gold never actually have their gold in their hands.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill is extremely different from fiat money and from Rhetorical gold. When you buy a Paper Bullion Bank Bill, you have your gold bullion in your hands. Even if the power grid goes down. Even if the internet goes down. Even if the climate changes, Even if you move 12,000 miles away. Even if 200 years goes by. Your gold is in your hands. It’s gold bullion. If you don’t want the paper part, just burn it off.

Bitcoin is not even Rhetorical gold. It is nothing of nothing. It is absolute nothing. It is the quintessence of nothing. The people who accept it as money are at least as dumb as the people who accept fiat money or rhetorical gold.

The only thing that really is gold, is something that really is gold.


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