Claims Should Be Like Diamonds

Secure Fiber Optic Cable patent came along well today in that the 16th edition of my notes was completed, and they are much shorter and better now.

I am wanting some working capital so I can hire a retired Patent Examiner to write my claims for me.

Patentoffice-ese is like Basque or Hungarian, Navaho, or Finnish. It is a language that all speakers of it understand, but if you wander in and try to speak that language, you will do yourself an injury.

Claims don’t have to be wide or broad. You really should not try to claim one pico-meter more than you invented. But for claims to have value, they need to be strong. They need to be fortresses against malfeasors and slicky boys, of which there are many kinds and proliferating every year in all directions.

Claims should be tight, precise, firm, and clear. And written in the best Patentoffice-ese, with the intonations and figure markings that the real pros will see as posh.

Make it easy for your lawyers to crush the foe, and make quick work of them. Make your claims diamonds. Hard, brilliant, clear, and sparkling.

So, I don’t try to do that. I find people who know how to do it, and I recruit them with endearments, and emoluments, and emolients, and baba au rum if necessary. So —- specialization — like you read in Adam Smith, the pins with the heads, you see?

But some working capital would be a Godsend right now. $150,000 would hit the spot.

I could also get a CAD/CAM person to re-work my drawings so they show more using that 3-D feature that computers can do now.

You want the infringer to get slaughtered. Bleeding, dead in the gutter, kicked to the curb . Good drawings and strong claims are the weapons you have. Also, you need to be a good inventor. And make an invention that somebody will practice.


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