Method to Send Secure Signals Through Fiber Optic Cable — now available on

This Provisional Patent Application (62/921,955) Filing Date 07/17/2019 describes a way of sending signals that is not internet based, and that uses no existing computer language.

So it is extremely secure. Criminals may break into the fiber optic cable, but they will not be able to make heads or tails out of my signals going through it.

As usual, I use Fast Fourier algorithms, and programmable bandpass filters. But this time, not just for frequencies. I use the time domain as well. So the pulses must be not shorter than x in duration, or longer than y. Two optical digital signal analyzers operating in tandem, and coordinated by a set of variables that they hold in common based on a file in a database.

Every signal is a one time pad. Hard to break. Even for the NSA. Impossible for hackers, pranksters, criminals, and data thieves. They don’t have the time domain equipment. They can read or fake my kind of signals.

They also don’t have the fiber. I don’t use the internet. Point A, Point B, and a 8 micron fiber in between. Along the way, digital communications repeaters. Not just photomultipliers. These are special gear.

You may feel that there is no value in having signals be secure. Tell that to Equifax, Costco, Target, and Humana, and various big banks. What they know is that there’s a lot of lost value in having signals be insecure.

In 2019 it is extremely hard to sell a patent, or even recruit talent to assist in the inventive process. Why would any corporation try to innovate when they can make billions just buying in their own stock. And they can let a computer do that for them, using limit orders.

So the big important people can pay themselves $70 million per year, not just $40 million, for the labor they perform, which is making sure the limit order stock buying computer is plugged in.

They check the plug twice week. Don’t say that’s not worth $70 million per year. What if the plug falls out and the computer stops working? How would earnings per share go up then? You say the Henry Ford way, the Thomas Edison way, the Elon Musk way, and I hear you. But this is now, that was then. We have the new Tax Bill, and if you need innovation you have just buy companies that have made it work. No corporate big person buys patents today. So here I am, telling you my troubles.

And here’s how you can cheer me up. Go to and buy one of the books by Robert Fenton Gary. Any book, does not have to be a patent.

But, if you like patents, go to and look for US10176661B2 Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items by Robert Fenton Gary. It is the bedrock patent for all Photon-DSP technologies.  It’s also Tynax listing 7805 if you want to buy it through a broker.

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