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The Provisional Patent I just published on called Method to Send Secure Signals Through Fiber Optic Cable was harshly dismissed by an amateur wannabe Patent Examiner internet pundit.

He claims to have read my book and that my patent pending reads on multiplexing patents already out there.

So false is his position. Here’s why both frequency and time multiplexing serve totally different purposes from that of my patent. They want to send many signals, through the same fiber using different colors of spectrum or different instants of time, on a rotation.

Yes, that’s multiplexing and it has been around since the 1970’s at least.

No, none of that has anything to do with my invention.

I carry one signal, not several at once. I do use many colors, but only two for the signal, the rest are camouflage.

I do use the time domain. But not as multiplexing does to rotate between time instants and carry many signals in one fiber at one time. I use time to validate the pulses in the signal. I use time not as designated instants on a clock face, but rather as durations of a pulse. It’s the time domain, but used in a very different way and for a totally different purpose than time multiplexing.

Anyhow Tom S. is not a Patent Examiner, and his critique of my invention is off base and invalid.

I’m glad to read it though, because now I can see what I need to make crystal clear in the utility patent application. If Tom got confused, it is possible that a real Patent Examiner might as well, although, not likely. When I file at least five engineers are assigned to assist the assigned Patent Examiner in reviewing my claims. Engineers love my work. So they will see that it is 100% new, original, different, and useful, if you really really really want to keep a secret.


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