Work Published This Week 21 October 2019

Provisional Patent Application 62/973,292 Filing Date 09/27/2019 is called “Method to Do Standardized Panning of Alluvial Samples” and it is available in paperback and e-book from

Much of my work involves photons, like 62/921,955 Filing Date 07/17/2019 called “Method to Send Secure Signals Through Fiber Optic Cable”. But my panning invention is Newtonian mechanics mainly, with some Venturi and Torricelli and Stokes in there as well.

I have several more patents in the works that are all part of my Gold from the Sea project. Another will be filed by the end of November. And there are two more after that.

I want to find the gold in the sea, get samples, pan the samples, then raise 100 tons of ore from the sea floor, then smelt it, and make the gold in Paper Bullion Bank Bills — the new global reserve currency.

My project is not nearly as ambitious as going to the Asteroid Belt to get value metals.

I am getting very strong positive feedback from Japan, China, and India.

France is another sea-faring nation, home to the late Captain Jacques Cousteau, one of the greatest explorers alive in my lifetime.

France makes exploration of the seabeds a national priority. They also have Ecole Polytechnique which turns out many brilliant physics and chemistry people, some of whom trained me at Institut Le Rosey in Rolle Switzerland.

Sail safe, always. Many brave men lie asleep in the deep, so beware … be … ware.


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