2019 Report Gary Research

Four patents were added in 2019

1. Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items, granted on January 8, 20189 US Patent 10,176,661 B2

2. Method to Secure Signals Through Fiber Optic Cable, Pending as 62/921,955, filing date 07/17/2019, published on Amazon under books by Robert Fenton Gary

3 Method to do Standardized Panning of Alluvial Samples, Pending as 62/973,292, filing date 09/27/2019, publish on Amazon under books by Robert Fenton Gary

4 Tethered Submarine to Seek Value Materials on the Seabed,  Pending as 62/973,887, filing date 10/31/2019.

Fees and costs associated with these patents were $5,000
Equipment Computer — valued at $100, Research books — valued at $75, Desk — valued at $25, Drawing Supplies — valued at $100, Copying costs — $200

Sales are Marketing in 2019 was focused on a search for a corporate sponsor, or venture capital investor for the work of inventing. Costs associated with sales and marketing — $500 (Ads on Facebook). Results of marketing campaign — none so far.

Planned for 2020

Planned Patent Pending  “Impeller System for Fluids”  to be completed and published by the end of March 2020.

Employees: None

Revenue: None

Business Location: None

Liabilities: None

Inventor: Robert Fenton Gary
BA, MBA, JD, Retired Navy JAG


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