Notes to 2019 Annual Report

Gary Research had a very good year in 2019, starting on January 8 when the US Patent Office granted US 10,176,661 B2 (Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items) which is the patent that contains the core technology behind Paper Bullion Bank Bill. This breakthrough Photon-DSP technology will, over time become the basis for innovative currencies far more secure than any blockchain based currencies.

Some of the technical features of Photon-DSP were used in Provisional Patent Application 62/921,955 (Method to Send Secure Signals Through Fiber Optic Cable), filed on 07/17/2019. Gary Research is actively seeking a corporate or government sponsor to assist in the furtherance of this approach to coding fiber optic cable signals which uses photons at various wavelengths to convey a message with security that is unparalleled in the industry, both civilian and military.

Two months later, on 09/27/2019 Method to do Standardized Panning of Alluvial Samples became Pending Patent 62/973,292. This technique which is highly robotized and algorithmicly controlled is a better way of assessing the value content of placer deposits from waters of less than 300 meters, or streams, or tunnels in the ground. Because it is standardized it allows the rigorous drawing of charts that will lead to rich ore locations.

Finally, on the last day of October, 10/31/2019, Patent Pending 62/973,887 was filed “Tethered Submarine to Seek Value Materials on the Seabed” which is a return to Photonics, and specifically to exciting electrons in the L, M, and K shells of value elements will return fluorescent photons to detectors on board the submarine. This detection device goes hand in hand with the ore assessment device which is the robotic panner described above.

All of the intellectual property generated in 2019 is in search of corporate sponsorship or investment by a government civilian or military organization. Bankers, Venture Capital people, Angel Investors, and Agencies can read the granted and provisional patents, as they have all been published either at or at under books by Robert Fenton Gary. Any prospective investor or sponsor can reach Gary Research at, and there are also pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter where more detailed information is available.

Tynax, the biggest patent broker in USA lists the granted patent as listing 7805, and the asking price for fee simple absolute assignment of that property is currently $16 million. Offers to take licenses will also be entertained, as will option contracts to buy at a later time.

It is anticipated that in early 2020 a Provisional Patent Application will be filed for a method to raise value ore from the seabed. This patent will differ from existing technology in that it does not upset the seabed ecology, and it does not operate in waters deeper than 300 meters, and it does not seek to harvest metamorphic rock or sands. It’s a method for use on continental shelves such as the Western coast of USA/Canada, and the coast around Florida and into the Gulf, and the shallow waters between UK and the Scandanavian countries.

The use of value metals as forms of money will return integrity to human exchange transactions. It will provide an alternative to “cyber wallets” that depend on the continuous existence of complex and labor intensive systems all of which will become dicey in a turbulent global environment. With value metals your property is in your hand, not on the internet. It can be transferred hand to hand, without exposure to blockchain-based complexities and vulnerabilities. It is what the Founders of USA declared to be the only true money.


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