The Four Patents in the Human Integrity Project will be Well Begun by the End of March 2020.

I have every expectation that when the blockchain based currencies collapse a big bank will choose to issue Paper Bullion Bank Bill.
It does not depend on the internet to keep it working.
Or on the idea that cyber wallets can’t be hacked.
So far, everything on the internet has been hacked.
So now people are being talked into putting all their money in their cyber wallets on the internet, where everything has been hacked.
My bank bills are unhackable.
They are not on the internet.
They are in your hand.
Your gold is not an accounting entry.
It is metal that is right there in your hand.
Burn off the substrate (paper or plastic) and the little yellow ball at the bottom of the crucible —- that’s you gold.
Or just bring the bill in to a participating bank. We will give you a gold round for it.
The bank bills are part of the Human Integrity Project. The other parts have to do with finding, panning, and mining the gold or other precious metal.
The Four patents are:

1. Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items (Patent Granted on 8 January 2019, and you can get it on Amazon.)

2. Method to Do Standardize Panning of Alluvial Samples, (filing date 09/27/2029 and you can get it on Amazon.)

3. Tethered Submarine to Seek Value Materials on the Seabed (filing date 10/31/2019 and you can get it on Amazon.)

4. Sea Elevator (final wording of title not yet determined (will be filed by the end of March 2020)

The first three can be found under books by Robert Fenton Gary right now.

The last one is in process, look for it on Amazon in April 2020.

To look for human integrity you should walk around in the daytime with a lamp, I am told.


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