Patents in Progress as of 18 Feb 2020

On 6 December 2019 the Provisional Patent Application “Tethered Submarine to Seek Value Materials on the Seabed” (62/973,887) was published and is now available under books by Robert Fenton Gary on

By the end of March 2020 the Provisional Patent Application in matter of Sea Elevator will be published on Amazon as above.

By the end of July 2020 the Provisional Patent Application in matter of Value Matter will be published on Amazon as above.

I had a patent on the drawing boards that would have allowed for the positive identification forever of all guns sold in the USA. I have discontinued work on that invention because I think that there would be no buyer for such a patent. Many lives would be saved by it. And from all the talk about guns, you might think there was some caring about this issue. But, not at the level of a person or organization willing to buy a patent. I do not invent to obtain the right to pay patent fees. I invent to sell patents.

I had a patent on the drawing boards that would vastly reduce birth defects in children worldwide. Again, work on that patent has been suspended for now, pending some indication that there would be a buyer for the patent. Patents are costly to obtain, not just in money, but also in time, and opportunity cost. So, regardless of the good an invention might do, there has to be some indication that the patent would be attractive to a prospective buyer, maybe a venture capitalist, a corporation, or an investment banker. We talk about public health, and the costs of healthcare, but the actual level of interest in this topic is not very high in USA. If I file the patent to eliminate birth defects, it may be done in Europe, or at least in UK.

It takes me about 40 drafts and about 6 months to prepare a Provisional Patent Application so that it is ready to send to the US Patent Office. The Value Matter patent is in its third draft, and I can tell that there’s much research that remains to be done in the area of aspheric lenses. My specialty is Photon-DSP technologies, so I’ve done some optical work before, see “Method to Send Secure Signals Through Fiber Optic Cable” which you can download from, or get in hard copy. It is Provisional Patent Application 62/921,955, and no you can’t get it from the Patent Office. But, I publish all my Provisionals, so you can get it at You can also get “Method to Do Standardized Panning of Alluvial Samples” 62/973,292 if you are interested in robotic industrial technology. That one was filed at USPTO on 09/27/2019. You could use it to find gold. I hope to find a buyer for that one because people are interested in gold. They may be apathetic about better babies or less guns, but they are very interested on gold, that sparkling yellow metal.


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