Light in the Lungs to Destroy Covid-19

The same feature of UV light that allows it to kill virus particles by disintegrating them through energy infusion, also makes UV light hazardous to your healthy living lung cells, which are among the most delicate a vulnerable mucosal cells in your body. You can “burn” the lung cells with UV light. You can mutate the somatic chromosomes within the lung cells and convert them into pre-cancerous mutated cells that grow abnormally.

So, yes, I think that UV light inside the lung is possibly a good idea for extreme patients in great distress but there are some conditions to my approval of this technique:

1. There’s no point in putting UV light into the lung unless it can get where it needs to go, which means the tiny air sacks where the blood/oxygen exchange takes place. How to do that? Well by some compound or nebulized material or gas that is strongly able to carry and convey UV light, just like a fiber optic cable carries and conveys IR light.

2. There are two aspects of hitting the virus with the UV light, and they both affect how well the light will destroy the virus. One is the dwell time. I think 10 to 30 minutes is best for the treatment. The other is the energy of the UV light which is a function of its wavelength, and its wattage. The wavelength should be no shorter than 253.7 nanometers. Longer may be OK, and is likely to be safer. The local exposure of cells near the UV LED source should be no greater than 50 milliwatts per square centimeter, and less is safer. The total power of the UV LED source should be no greater than 250 milliwatts and less is safer. The dwell time should never be greater than 30 minutes, and 5 minutes is how the average treatment should be with 10 minutes reserved for extreme cases where the chance of net benefit is plainly greater than the chance of net harm.

The most important thing is the light conducting fluid, gas, foam, nebulized compound, whatever. It has to act like lucite and take the UV into the small air sacks in the lung.

[Author — Robert Fenton Gary, BA, MBA, JD studied chemistry at Institut Le Rosey in Rolle Switzerland, and Photon Physics at St. John’s College in Annapolis Maryland, and holds US 10,176,661 B2, the bedrock patent in the field of Photon-Digital Signal Processing Technology.]


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