Gary Research Today — Attainments and Objectives as of 1 May 2020

“Gary Research” is the official DBA filed in Maryland for Robert Fenton Gary, Inventor, of Hagerstown Maryland, holder of US 10,176,661 B2 the bedrock patent that began the field of Photon-Digital Signal Processing Technology.

Mr. Gary holds the BA from St. John’s College, of Annapolis Maryland, the MBA from The George Washington University, in Washington DC, and the JD from Southwestern University in Los Angeles California. In addition he studied Chemistry at Institut Le Rosey, in Rolle Switzerland.

Gary Research has no employees, just an owner, whose ownership is 100% with no partners, lenders, shareholders, stakeholders, or participants other than Robert Fenton Gary, who writes his own patents, draws his own drawings, drafts his own claims, files and prosecutes those patents and who owns them outright in fee simple absolute.

Gary Research currently owns one granted patent and five pending patents.

The granted patent is titled “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” is the technology behind Paper Bullion Bank Bill. Granted on 08/01/2019 as US 10,176,661 B2

The Pending Patents are:

1. “Method to Send Secure Signals Through Fiber Optic Cable“, filed 07/17/2019 and listed as 62/921,955

2. “Method to Do Standardized Panning of Alluvial Samples” filed 09/27/2019 and listed as 62/973,292

3. “Tethered Submarine To Seek Value Materials On The Seabed“, filed 10/13/2019 and listed as 62/973,887

4. “Sea Elevator Using a Submarine Guided by a Taut Vertical Guide Wire“, filed 01/24/2020 and listed as 62/995,339

5. “Method to Package and Authenticate Value Matter“, filed 03/26/2020 and listed as 63/100,690

Mr. Gary seeks the sale of all his patents and to work form or with a larger firm in the banking or manufacturing sector, or a venture capital firm, or a physics, engineering and chemistry research firm. He is available for two years to ensure that the buyer of his patents gets the maximum profit from owning the intellectual property. Offers from individuals will not be considered. Gary Research does not sell any sort of securities to the general public or do crowdsourcing, or do “go fund me”. It has a clean balance sheet with no debt, obligations, or other liabilities.


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