Method to Analyse Two Genomic Sequences in Conjunction with Each Other — New Patent by Robert Fenton Gary

I filed a new patent today, 2 June 2020.

It is a way to analyse the genomic sequences of two people in conjunction with each other.

I am skilled in coded systems and record sensors, which is what my granted patent is in (US 10,1756,661 B2). I am a code breaker.

I want couples to be able to avoid birth defects in their kids if that is what they wish to do. My method is not “gene splicing” or “playing God” or “eugenics” or “master race”. It is about public health, less abortions, cost containment, personal choices, and better information.

The patent filed today will take at least three years to be granted. My chances of finding a buyer in USA are not excellent. But I think I will find a buyer in the Far East, in Old Europe, or in the Commonwealth nations. Eventually my decoding method will catch on in USA, but I may not be here to see it.


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