Position Available — Boss

I’m looking for a boss.

My boss will have the following talents:

  1. Is part of a large corporation
  2. Has working capital to offer.
  3. Has engineers to offer.
  4. Has Draftsmen
  5. Has Patent Claims Drafting Specialists
  6. Is generally quiet.
  7. Does not say a lot.
  8. Seeks the maximize profits from my inventions.
  9. Knows how to support creative talent.
  10. Is fair, not greedy, not timid, just fair.

The prospect must be willing to take up the position by the end of 2020. If the candidate wishes me to relocate, an apartment must be provided, one bedroom, one bath, nice view.

Said boss will be not very bossy. Pleased to see my patents getting put into practice, and ready to bring the resources of said large firm to bear in making my patents into revenue generating enterprises.

Contact: robert.gary@gmail.com

also robert fenton gary at Linked In

also robert fenton gary on Twitter and Facebook

For all my published patents and books go to books by Robert Fenton Gary at Amazon.com

For blog entries on all work in progress go to robertfentongary.com

For biographical information go to bio of Robert Fenton Gary on Google


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