Method to Assess Genetic Risk for a Couple was Published in Paperback on on 22 July 2020

This verbatim copy of Patent Pending 63/102,192 (filed on 4 June 2020) describes an apparatus and a method to obtain genetic counselling for a couple in conjunction with each other.  The inventive departure is a digital device, combined with an intellectual process of stratified consideration, that allows you to know your relative risk, with this or that specific person, in way that is cheaper, faster, and more privacy protective, than going to a Certified official genetic counsellor who will charge you big bucks and take 3 months to get the job done.

It costs $1,000 to get your genome sequenced. The key feature of my invention is the Data Interchange Form which vastly summarizes your Genomic Sequencing Data in a uniform, standardized, compact data set that can be uploaded into an algorithm running in a dynamic random access memory integrated circuit.

So, you could have a club, or just an airport lounge, where one woman “speed dates” 50 men in the course of an evening, and gets a quick read on her prospects of having a healthy baby with each of them. Or, one guy with 50 women. Or, over the course of several months, not all in one evening. My machine is about the size of a pocket calculator. It runs on batteries. It contains no mass memory. It contains no communications circuit. It cannot connect in any way with any other electronic device.

It has five LED lights (red, orange, yellow, blue, green). These lights can only be seen by the prospective mating couple using the machine. Nobody else can see or know which light is activated when the two Data Interchange Forms are considered in conjunction with each other.

100% privacy protection while the machine is turned on, and even better after you turn it off, because all data is erased from the dynamic random access memory when the machine is powered off. And there is no mass memory inside the machine to store data that was once on the DRAM chip. When it’s “off”, it is wiped clean of all personal data obtained from the Data Interchange Forms. The algorithm, downloaded from a ROM chip, operates like a game. When it’s off, it’s gone. Secrecy, privacy, speed, and affordability are the keys to your personal empowerment.

Not all people want defect-free babies. Some people strongly feel that seeking to have such a baby is “playing God”, or “just like Hitler”, or gene splicing, designer babies, and cloning. I cannot help such people. I want them to express their values by not using my invention. Don’t use it. Be happy. You are OK just as you are. I accept you totally.

My quick-read machine cannot guarantee outcomes. It just improves your odds. It uses the expertise of the best and the brightest experts in the field to bring your genetic sequenced data into conjunction with that of a specific prospective mate. It does not tell you how to give birth to the child, what to do with the child, or how to raise the child.

USA is the most religious country in the world, apart from Ireland, so the prospects for this particular invention might be better in Commonwealth nations, Old Europe, and the Far East.

I most earnestly wish that a large American corporation, like Google, Amazon, IBM, or Microsoft will take up my patent, and practice it.

Innovation helps jobs in USA by keeping the pipeline of new products full so there’s always something new and great to roll out. New sources of profit help companies to stay in business. They can manufacture more units, hire more people, and issue more payroll checks.

I hope that ***moral*** imaginings in USA will not make it impossible for a large capable American firm to take on this project and make it available to the world.

USA makes, the world takes. That’s what economic prosperity is made of.

The intent of this invention is better public health, not designer babies, or the Master Race. Less genetic illness means happier people with less pain, suffering and avoidable costs in their lives. Lower national health costs means a nation that spends more time on the job and less time in the hospital.

So, this invention is useful to the couple who use it, to the babies that arise from its use, and to the country in which it is used. And it’s novel, because it is cheaper and faster, and maybe better, than officially certified and fully licensed genetic counselling with many expensive diplomas on the wall that need to be paid for, by you. Because the process inside this invention is impartial, impersonal and standardized it gives you a reliable relative read on many prospective mating partners. No fear, no favor, no thumb on the scale, no politics, no hidden agenda.

My paperback is priced at $9.00, but you can also get the download e-book for just $4.00.

The Provisional Patent Application contains 6 “Figures” (drawings) and 0 formal claims. The claims will be filed within one year from 4 June 2020.

I write my own claims, draw my own figures, and prosecute my own patents. I have been a Member of the Bar of the U.S. Court of Patent Appeals since 1985, and hold the BA, the MBA, and the JD degrees. My bio is online.

Please visit me at, or on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

I can be reached at My Provisional Patent Applications are priced at $250,000 each, and you can buy my granted patent (US10176661B2 for $1 M).

I am a code breaker. DNA is the Mount Everest of codes. So it was just a matter of time till I got round to it. The present invention is my best work to date.


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