Seabed Mining — 150 Years History

I spent the day researching and writing about the exploration of the world’s oceans for value metals.

Not a whole lot has been found in 150 years.

I need the material as background to my Tethered Submarine patent, and as material to my Sea Elevator patent.

I think my inventions are better than anything that has been done in the field. I can find the value matter better than they ever did. I can bring it the surface better than they ever did or plan to do.

As undersea mining is taken up by more companies over the next 20 years, my patents will be attractive.

A big company will only buy patents it wants to infringe. They buy your patent to get you out of the way. Not to get ideas. They don’t want ideas. They have their own engineers. Those people give them more ideas than they want already.

The economy is about to go into a second Great Depression, and companies do not want to invest in anything except buying in their own shares, which is very profitable for the top dozen executives, who make the decisions about what to do next.

But I know companies in Japan, and Australia who want to infringe my patents. When the time is right, and the price is right, they will fork it over. They would be better off buying the pending patents now, but there is no market for pending patents. You have to get a grant, and then they pay for a defined piece of IP not an undefined pending patent that could end up with claims they can’t use and don’t want.

The submarine needs work on the radiation emitters, and on the optical digital spectrum analyzer. Getting to that next week.


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