Re The Pulverization of Covid-19

Technically “dimize” would be more precise. It is not strictly necessary to break an RNA polymer into many small pieces, as “pulverize” suggests. It is entirely adequate just to break it into two pieces (dimize it). Only a whole intact RNA molecule is able to replicate itself. RNA broken it two (dimized) is really just dust, it cannot replicate, it is biologically sterile.
My machine makes inert dust out of biologically active disease agents. I do it fast, cheap, and thoroughly.
People will only care about my machine if they care about human lives. We await that as a possible development, with no expectation one way or the other. My machine will be technically challenging, but not actually costly to build. Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, or GE could build one in a week.
What it comes down to is availability of materials, and skill in handling them. Or, I would build one myself.
High level executives are not looking for new products. They want stock buy backs, golden parachutes, and options. American industry is being hollowed out. So I will be seeking corporate sponsors in Japan and Germany where the vision and the skills go hand in hand.


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