Work in Progress at Gary Research

The machine to kill Covid-19 in the air is the main project on 12 DEC 2020.

The dimensions of the machine have presented mathematical challenges. To get 3 full air exchanges in a medium size building, say 10 million cubic meters, the air treatment machine must process X cubic meters of air per second, and thus it must have an internal capacity of Y cubic meters.

All the maintenance on my machine is done by hand. Parts are replaced by hand as they wear out. So the machine can’t be overly tall, or so long that it can’t be easily accessed for service. The math here, took some doing, but it’s done, I know the dimensions of the machine and what it can do now.

Fortunately my drawings are all consistent with the shape of the machine as presently described. I need photon emitting units that will snap in readily to a wired substrate that delivers 30 to 70 volts to each photon emitter. I’m hoping to form a supply chain link with a Japanese company that makes some of the best photon emitters.

The fate of the various vaccines is an unknown variable, and most important part of that is the willingness of Americans to be vaccinated. Also to level of population that must be vaccinated to result in herd immunity. Once the herd becomes immune to Covid-19, or any mutations it may develop, the market for air treatment machines could fall off very quickly. I expect this dropoff to occur around 2035, so my patent will be of commercial value for at least 12 years after it is granted, if I get that far with it.

The Provisional Patent Application will be filed by the end of December 2020. I expect a filing receipt back by the end of January 2021. When the Provisional Patent Application (PPA) number comes back from USPTO, I will publish the entire PPA with all the drawings on so it can join the other books by Robert Fenton Gary on said site. The cost of the download will be around $3.00. The hard copy may cost as much as $9.00.

In the meantime, you could read my newest book “Value Matter” which explains the sources of value matter, how to find it, how to assess it, how to get it to the surface, and how to use it for its highest and best use. This book includes US 10, 176, 661 B2 “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” my granted patent and four other currently pending patents. As the risk of inflation becomes more severe, people are becoming interested in metals, all the way down to Tungsten and Copper, so “Value Matter” might have some commercial appeal, and be good reading for you.


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