New Patent Filed Today — To Beat Covid-19

Clean buildings, and trusted walkers are the two things that can be done to end the Covid-19 pandemic. Trusted walkers would be just like the “trusted traveler” program. Clean buildings will use some version of the machine I filed for today.

I am a specialist in Photon-DSP technologies, but I know photons more generally. The aspects of my machine that require the expertise of virologists have been reserved for them to work on.

The hardest aspect of this invention was getting its overall size right. My goal is three full air exchanges per hour in a building of 10 million cubic meters volume. This rate of air exchanges significantly supports human health if the air being pumped in is virus-free.

The math for the required wattage and voltage was worked out in November, and the size of the machine does not change any of those calculations. I do need a supplier of photon sources, and am in negotiations with a world leader in that field.

In sure wish an American corporation had shown some interest in my work. I know they are busy working out the compensation packages for the executives. They have hollowed themselves out. They have no product pipeline. No new ideas to bring to customers. They buy in their own stock to make earnings per share go up. Investors imagine that rising EPS is a sign of a healthy company (not a hollow one).

I am a micro-entity, pro-se filer, and member of the Bar of the U.S. Court of Patent Appeals since 1985. I’m looking for a corporate sponsor for my work. If I can’t find one here, I will find one in Japan, Europe, or the Commonwealth nations.

You can see all my patents at under books by Robert Fenton Gary.

You can keep track of my work right here at

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