Strategic Reset at Gary Research Caused by Covid-19

The global pandemic has effected the business of Gary Research to the point of requiring a major reset of the entire strategic plan. The granted patent US 10,176,661 B2 will (after 1 January 2021) be the entire focus of our efforts.

I want the big banks to see that Bitcoin is not their friend, it is their enemy, and that joining Bitcoin, or making their own versions of Cyber currency (Libra, etc) is not the answer for them.Paper Bullion Bank Bill is the right way for the big banks to respond to Bitcoin.They can issue Paper Bullion Bank Bill. The user has their gold right there in their hand.

Ideally, a law should be enacted that makes bullion bars or Paper Bullion Bank Bill the only way the Treasury and the Fed, and the other Agencies, do business with each other.This would put the Federal government on an honest “good as gold” footing, with no funny money floating around all over the place that nobody really understands, controls, or can audit.Paper dollars have not been convertible into gold since 1971, but at least our own government can deal honestly between Treasury and the Fed.

Also with the big banks. Where the murky and secret transactions are done. Make it the law that all such transactions must be done in bullion or Paper Bullion Bank Bill (a form or bullion.)

So, the air sanitizer patent that was filed on or about 15 December 2020 will be my last invention. I am closing the workbench that produces inventions. I expect a patent number by mid January 2021, and will publish it with all drawings and calculations immediately when USPTO gives me a patent number.I plan to abandon all patents that are at the pending stage, including the anti-Covid-19 air cleaner.

I plan to focus on making a deal on “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” the patent behind Paper Bullion Bank Bill.The adjustment in strategy was forced by Covid-19. Gary Research is not the only business in USA to be affected by Covid-19.


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