Strategic Reset at Gary Research

I’m not cancelling the publication of my Provisional Patent Application. That will go forward by the end of January 2021, and it does contain very detailed drawings and all that I know about the photonics used in making the machine work.

There could be some human on this planet who agrees with you in thinking that killing virus particles in the air would save a lot of human lives. That person, could possibly have $75.00 and be able to take my technology and design and file a utility patent based on my invention.A person who wants less Covid and has $75.00, that’s what it would take. But that may be asking too much of a torporous, uncaring, disregarding world.

I can only manage my own operations. And filing a utility patent is a very large commitment that I don’t have the resources to undertake. My goal number one right now is to avoid being evicted from my home. Not take on a three year project requiring significant science work, about $5,000 in cash when all the fees are added up, and extremely complex drawing work. Aristotle said that a wise man does not undertake to do things that are impossible to complete successfully.

The big banks have veered in the wrong direction in respect to Bitcoin. They are trying to include it in their own business model (Libra for example). Bitcoin is the absolute enemy of all banks, and will kill all banks as it succeeds more and more if that happens. So they are making a fatal strategic error.

My invention — Paper Bullion Bank Bill is the strategy they must adopt if they want to save themselves from Bitcoin (or cyber currencies generally). My bank bills are bank bills, made of plastic or paper with gold right in the plastic or paper.So my strategy going forward is to convince the Congress to pass a law saying that the Fed and the Treasury must deal with each other using bullion, or Paper Bullion Bank Bills. Also, the murky dealings with the various banks would be auditable and honest if they were gold based.

My granted patent US 10,176,661 B2 is the solution to the total collapse of our entire banking and government system. So getting adoption of that patent by a big bank is my strategic priority now, not pursuit of more utility patents, even ones that can save million so lives.There could be an executive in some big bank who would want to spend a trifling amount of money now to bring in Paper Bullion bank Bill as an owned innovation that the bank can use to make at least $20 Billion in new business by 2038 when my patent expires. Finding that person is my task.

My pending patents can go pro bono publica in the event that somebody wants to take them up and practice their teaching.


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