Big Banks Should Not Commit Suicide

Paper Bullion Bank Bill has all of the features and convenience of a gold coin such as a Canada Maple Leaf 1 oz gold coin.It also has all the features and convenience of a bank bill.

My technology can also be used to make money orders, DNA tags, evidence tags, container lock tags, custody account (art, gems, coins) tags, and ID cards.I’m asking $1 million for my granted patent US 10,176,661 B2 which expires in 2038. Whoever brings me the buyer, and is mentioned by the buyer, can have 25% of what I get.

A big bank with many business contacts could sell off all the non-banking applications of my technology and get back in a week what they pay me for the entire patent.They would then be able to compete with Bitcoin, and have a better product.It is suicide for any bank to join the Bitcoin movement. Suicide. Bitcoin means the end of banks. If you are a bank, and you support the end of banks, you are doing business suicide.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill is the correct tactical and strategic response to bitcoin.It takes full advantage of the bank’s global footprint of open offices and teller windows. That’s what big banks have that Bitcoin does not have and will never have. To survive you don’t join Bitcoin, you compete with a better product.

With Bitcoin your hand is full of cyber nothingness. With PBBB your hand is full of gold bullion. If you want your gold in metallic form, just burn off the paper, and there it is. Or a participating bank will authenticate your PBBB and then give you a gold round for it. It’s an even trade for the bank — 1 oz of gold for 1 oz of gold.

If you want your niece to have a legacy or gift from you, open your billfold take out some PBBB’s and hand her some. That’s what I call a simple off-book transaction. If a participating bank authenticates the bills you gave her, they will redeem them, no questions asked, no signatures, no nothing. She can have currency, gold, or credit. Clean, clean, clean. Anonymity tool like a dollar bill, but unlike a dollar it will have value in 50 years. Gold bullion never loses all its value.


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