Value Matter — Available Now

My only goal is for everybody to be happy. I have no time to preach. Would not know what to say anyhow. Don’t think you can ever tell Americans anything about anything. My career as a politician ended in 1981. As a trial lawyer, in 2002. My work as an author continues, and as an inventor.

People behave as they do. They pursue happiness as they will. Science and engineering are based on Nature. I want Nature to be happy too.

Least action is the Way of Nature. It is the ultimate trial lawyer. It’s laws are our trial. Darwin is the Court Clerk. Pantokratur is the Judge.

Please find a big bank to buy my patent US 10,176,661 B2 and visit me at 

If you are wealthy, buy all my books by Robert Fenton Gary at

The last one is the best — it’s called “Value Matter” and it’s all about gold. More than you ever thought you could know.


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