New Patent Filed Today 17 Feb 2021

Rare metals fall into three categories: 1. the precious rare metals (gold, silver, platinum), 2. rare metals that are particularly useful. and 3. rare metals that are not particularly useful.

We are currently experiencing some confusion about what money is. Some say it is gold and silver. Some say it is ledger entries in blockchain wallets in cyberspace. Either way, the fear of missing out is at high tension. What if money is gold? We don’t want to miss out. Let’s get some gold. What if money is blockchain cyber wallet ledger entries. We don’t want to miss out. Let’s spend $1.5 Billion on that. FOMO is our driver. Confusion is our condition. And money is whatever, we don’t know, it’s up for grabs. Maybe it’s bedrock technology patents or copyrights in perennial novels, movies, or songs that will be very popular for many decades.

Here’s what I know — metals that are rare and particularly useful have a better claim to be money than anything else going these days.

But, what does “useful” mean?

You can’t eat any metals, so metals are not “useful” to make lunch, or dinner.

What can you do with useful metals?

You can make computer chips, fighter jets, machine tools, energy producing machines, energy storage devices, energy distribution systems, agricultural machines, computer disc drives, surgical tools, body implant parts, lighting equipment, photographic supplies, scientific equipment, and radio wave equipment.

Useful metals are the ingredients of national security, industrial strength, globally popular products, export trade items, and advances in science and technology.

So, even though you can’t eat them for lunch or dinner, useful metals can help you put your lunch or dinner on the table by keeping you secure, employed, productive, and prosperous.

My patent is called “Method to Securely Trade Rare Metals as Commodities”. It is a follow-on invention that uses some of the same technologies used on my prior patent “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” (US 10, 176, 661 B2) Date of Patent Jan. 8, 2019.

That 2019 patent is the bedrock patent for all Photon-DSP technologies.

My new patent just uses some of the photonics, but not all of the digital signal processing used in the earlier patent.

It has breakthrough potential in creating a more active and secure market for rare and useful metals including but not limited to Niobium, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Rhenium, Osmium, and Iridium.

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