Something for Every Big Company

If you are interested in genomics, my Better Babies patent could be just right for you. It uses a device to assess the joint risk for a couple in having a child.

This device would ONLY be of interest to couples wishing to have defect-free children. So all the couples who just don’t care, or who want children with defects, will not be prospective customers for my device.

The methods used are not contrary to any of the Abrahamic religions. There is no abortion of children who were never conceived. There’s no fertilized egg, no embryo, no fetus, and therefore nothing to abort.

If God had meant people to be slacky-go-lucky, or totally negligent, He would not have allowed the evolution of the human mind. Protozoa are slacky-go-lucky. He would have stuck with those.

My method and apparatus is going to get massive and quick acceptance in the Far East, especially in nations where a young couple is only allowed to have one child, and where ALS or microcephaly would be considered a bad thing and not a blessing, or good thing.

My method does not use gene splicing, or gene editing, or Master Race, or Designer Babies, or any Hxtlxr related thing or Brave New World thing. None of that is in my approach. No Margaret Sanger, no abortions, no eugenics in the old fashioned sense.

Technically, “eugenics” just mean good births. But we want good things. Or at least we want to avoid very very bad things. So, having kids with no major devastating, life-destroying birth defects is not a sin, or a crime, or against Torah, or Bible. It’s OK.

But it may take a few years for my method to catch on in the West, due to kneejerk reactions. I expect good acceptance in South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan.

If, instead of genomics, your interest is in economics and commodities, perhaps you would be intrigued by my method to package and authenticate rare metals. Again, this has been published under books by Robert Fenton Gary on — two clicks will get you there $3 will get you the book in download form.

This is the alternative to Bitcoins and Dogecoin. This is more like money than fiat paper slips or blockchain ledger entries in your cyber-wallet.

Maybe you don’t like genomics, or economics, but you really like health for yourself and for your kids. In that case, take a look at “Method to Dimerize RNA and DNA Polymers Suspended in Air”

My specialty is Photonics, but that patent was a very heavy lift even for me. It went through technical 61 drafts to end up with 37 pages, finally published on 17 February 2021.

This technology is tailored for use in large buildings like schools, hospitals, airports, post offices, and other public buildings.

A big firm that already has clearances to sell to the Federal government could make $20 billion selling these machines over the next 10 years. There are a dozen firms that are capable of building my apparatus. There are many US citizens who care about their health, or that of their kids. So, this machine will sell strongly in USA.

I want proposals from big firms that wish to buy, support, license, or option my patents, including US 10,176,661 B2 granted on 8 January 2019, and good till 2038.

I can be reached by letter to Robert Fenton Gary, Hagerstown, MD 21742-2588



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