Better Babies Nears Deadline

My machine to allow people to have better babies is near the finish line. The provisional patent pending 63/102,192 (which you read at, was filed on 4 June, 2020, which means I have about 7 weeks to file a utility patent or abandon the invention.

Major progress has been made, and reported here, over the past 12 weeks to make the patent clear, and to establish that the inventive departure is new, useful, and that it works for its intended purpose.

The calculator aspect of this invention would cost an electronics firm almost nothing to fabricate and offer for sale. It would be so great if some corporation comes forward and asks to make the product. But most investment today are in buying in the shares of the company, or getting Bitcoin, or getting Non-Fungible Digital Tokens, or rare tulips, or art that shreds itself at the moment the winning bid is accepted.

The irony is that many inventions are looking for venture capital, and that most wealthy capitalists have got no idea where to invest their money, so tulips, or maybe SPACs or possibly Bitcoin seem like reasonable propositions. Innovation is not on the radar screen because the accounting data on it is not on the spreadsheet. The expected revenues cannot be plotted against the required investment amount so the algorithm cannot process the innovation.

If the robot can’t do the CPU on you, you are nothing. So, inventors are not part of the landscape. Nor is imagination, or actual risk taking capitalism. No Edison. No Tesla. No Firestone, Ford, or Rockefeller. We are at the end of the road, and the socialists, not to say communists, are taking over not just around the world, or in the Americas, but inside USA. Wall Street backs them. Silicon Valley backs them. What sort of John Galt can resist a whole global movement?

I keep my patents coming. My main problem at this moment is a maintain fee on US 10,176,661 B2 due in January 2022 that will come out of my food and rent money. It will be very hard to pay. I sure wish a big bank would take an interest in that patent. If Bitcoin collapses, they should hedge their bets by being invested in some other non-fiat currency. Paper Bullion Bank Bill could make a big bank $20 Billion over the next 19 years.

I can be reached at

All my patents can be found under books by Robert Fenton Gary on

My work can be followed here at

My postman knows where to find me at Hunter Hill at 21742-2588 — he will put your letter in my mailbox.


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