Paper Bullion Bank Bill is More Secure Than Any Blockchain Currency

Because you have your gold in your hand, not in the cloud in a cyber wallet. Paper Bullion Bank Bill is just like a gold coin, and it’s also just like a bank bill.

It combines the best features of the coin and the bank bill by putting the gold in the paper of the bank bill.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill is authenticated by Patent US 10,176,661 B2 which is the bedrock patent for the entire field of Photon-DSP technologies.

The new fad after tulips, matchbooks, Bitcoins, and Non-Fungible Digital Tokens (basketball slam dunks) is for companies to buy in their own shares. Companies are desperate to find something to invest in. Now, it’s just SPACs not even real companies anymore, just blank check special purpose schemes, like at Enron.

For Paper Bullion Bank Bill to work, you don’t need a smartphone, or the internet, or secret numbers, or batteries, or to be 19 and not 91. It will work when you are 91 and want to give some money to your favorite niece. You gold is in your hand. Which does not need batteries, or 5G, or secret numbers. You reach out your hand and say “Here, this is for you”.

At 91, you will be able to do that.

At 19 if you want to order two large pizzas, use Bitcoin by all means.

Read all my patents under books by Robert Fenton Gary at


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