Five Patents Seeking Five Buyers

In case Bitcoin collapses, some large bank may want this patent:I have a patent (US 10,176,661 B2) for a banknote that has gold in the paper of the banknote. It is a promise, and it is the fulfillment of that promise all at the same time. No smartphone required, No secret number. No internet. No battery. No cell phone tower.

In case Covid continues and vaccines have issues some organizations may want this patentI have a patent for a machine that breaks virus particles in two so they cannot replicate. This machine cleans to air of pathogens at the rate of tens of millions of cubic meters per hour. So it works in large buildings.

In case people become concerned about birth and aging defects some medical services company may want this patent:I have a patent for a calculator that lets a possible mating pair of humans know what their chances are of having a healthy baby. Bring your genomes, this machine will evaluate them in conjunction as a mating couple, in 30 seconds, for 10 cents.

In case commodities become popular as investments for retail investors, some metals exchange may want this patent:I have a patent for a way of packaging rare metals that allows participation in these commodity trades by many people in a way that is secure and reliable.

In case people from the left coast with lots of money start moving to all the desirable small towns in USA, and changing what it’s like to live there, some builder/developer may want this patent: I have a patent for a form of house that moves like a shipping container, but lives like a perfectly charming small house. It fits of standardized pads that will be located all over USA and Canada. It is two story. Lots of light and air.

All my patents are for sale. I can be reached at robert.gary@robertfentongary
All my work has been published on the bookshelf of Robert Fenton Gary at


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