Planck is my Helper

To dimerize virus particles, you want laser light that is in-phase, coherent, and interleaved. This requires that the diodes be spaced such that the distance is a whole integer multiple of a quantum number that will be revealed in the utility filing that I must make by 21 Dec 2021, hard deadline, so I am under the gun.I do know the number, and yes it is a function of Planck’s constant, which we studied at the Beloved College, you and I together, and with Milliken, and Faraday.

Distancing is a non-starter, masks do not work, vaccines have become a bit iffy, and so these measures are not as good as sterilizing the air (by dimerizing the pathogens in it).USA has gone gaga, so there are no companies here that will sponsor my work. All their cash is going to buying in their own shares and boxing up their equipment for shipment to China, and financial engineering to make sure the top executives get all the money that China pays for the equipment.The are 6 companies in Japan that could build my device, 3 in Taiwan, and at least 5 in PRC, and another 5 in South Korea.In the Far East, including ANZEAS, they have no Joe Biden, they are not gaga, and they do value human life — in this case about 50 million lives are at stake. So my hope is that Hitachi, or Panasonic, or Hyundai will come forward and take a stake in my patent for the dimerize device.

My machine will make hundreds of million of cubic meters of sterile air per hour. Enough for a very large public or private building. It took me 5 years so far to design it and perfect the technology and get the quantum physics right. But, it would only take 90 days for a big industrial corporation to build the machine.

Thousands of these machines could be sold in the USA, in every city that has a school, train station, Federal building, or Court building. Plenty of work for the people of Japan, or Taiwan, or one of the nations that is not greed enthralled and intent on managed decline — Biden style.Maybe South Korea, Australia, or Germany could back my effort, or buy my patent, which once sold, cannot be sold to any other buyer. You can read it this instant by looking under books by Robert Fenton Gary at —- it is the book about Dimerizing, and with the “look inside” app you can read three pages for free.

The patent is currently priced at $40,000. My bio is on the web. My website is and my e-mail is robert.gary@gmail.comSo, you push three buttons, you see my work. The planet has 9 billion people on it. One will have the energy to push the three buttons.

It could be you.


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