Recession, come she will

The Fed may be able to avoid raising rates drastically to quell inflation because the economy is weakening all by itself and does not need more weakening. Demand is falling for many key industrial commodities including the rare and precious metals.

US 10, 176, 661 B2 may be a winner in USA, UK, or Switzerland, and that’s where the effort to find a buyer now is centered.

The key technology and inventive departure contained in the patent is Photon-DSP, and I plan to publish a book describing the 25 commercial applications of Photon-DSP with special emphasis on ID cards, and sealed packages.

The population of USA now contains tens of millions of invaders and at some point, we will be beyond Joe Biden, and there will be an interest in knowing who is here on this land. States, counties, cities, and towns may find that they can only afford to flow goods and services to actual factual citizens of USA. Election officials may decide that reliable ID cards are of value in the work of deciding who should vote.

The reliable authentication of packages of parts may become a priority for people making jet planes, bridges, surgical gear, and fabrication facilities for chips. Again Photon-DSP is a coding method that has never been breached. It is not algorithm generated, so it cannot be reverse-engineered with any de-cryption algorithm. It is based on the one-time pad technique which proved it worth many times in the world of espionage, and covert operations.

Photon-DSP is a core breakthrough innovation, and US 10,176,661 B2 is the bedrock patent, cited by all subsequent patents using Photon-DSP.

My patent is for sale at $2 million.

I can assign it in fee simple absolute to any person or organization.

I can be reached by US mail at

Robert Fenton Gary
13320 Hunter Hill Dr. (Apt H)
Hagerstown, MD 21742

My bio is on the web, and describes my background in physics and chemistry.

My other inventions are in my books that are all available at

I plan to dial back my patent filings until after January 2024 due to adverse changes at the Patent Office. I hope to draft amendments to the America Invents Act that will neutralize and reverse these adverse and harmful changes brought by Joe Biden.

Until sunrise in America, I am out of the patenting business for now, but still working on legislation and publication.


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