Over Turning Roe Helps the Dems in Midterms

Roe was incorrectly decided by an activist (Warren) Court. Overturning it was a legally sound decision by the Roberts Court.

But, in this post, I do not seek to re-litigate the merits of Roe.

I want to say that the impact of striking Roe off the books could enhance Left Wing turnout on 8 November 2022.

Abortion has huge energy as an issue. Half the voters are women.

If women feel their rights are up for grabs, they may vote for Dems in the midterms.

In which case, USA becomes a Province of China, with Xi teaching Biden how to be even more effective as a tyrant.

The Dems these days are mostly Bernie Baby/AOC Marxists, Frankfurt School/ Alisky terrorists.

Women have more rights when our cities are not burning. When people are not being murdered on the streets and in the subways, by the thousands, every week.

You can only get an abortion if you are alive.

Many of our big cities have gone Jungle.

The people who do the murders are protected and let go.

Sad, but that’s how things are. That’s how Soros, Biden, and Harris want it, and Maxine Waters, and Lori Lightfoot.

The abortion issue is moot if you don’t live long enough to get one.

Under the new law, based on the 9th and 10 Amendments, you can get an abortion in most of the states — not all — but most.

If you’ve always gotten all of everything your way all the time, like a Yuppie, then the new rule is possibly an inconvenience for you. 100 Foundations will jump to pay your fare. So it is not very inconvenient. Yuppies are tyrants — they want everything, just their way, all the time, for free.

And now comes the abortion decision at just the moment when it can and will skew the Midterms.

You will not want the live in Woke Biden Land any more than the people in California want to keep living there. If that’s not what you want. If it’s not what is actually good for you, then do not vote for it. Please vote GOP up and down the ballot. Please look at the whole board. See the big picture. Do not let the abortion brainwashers cause you to cast a vote that will make your life not as good, not as safe, and not as free, as you hoped it would be. The cavalry is coming, and you and I are the cavalry. I rely on you. We all rely on each other.


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