The Fracking Corps

The Racking Corps is young people and veteran fracking engineers, banded together to go to Europe and create fracked natural gas wells there.

Here in Hagerstown we are over the Marcellus Shale so in the Summer we can drill, test operate, and cap a new natural gas well in about 90 sunny business days in Summer.

We have infinite natural gas. Still, we bring in most of our natural gas from the Gulf where it can be produced even more cheaply, and piped north to us.

The Fracking Corps should be deployed to Germany, France, and UK to find shale there which, when fracked would produce copious natural gas. If there is none, just come home.

If they find some, teach the locals how to frack. Like in the Peace Corps, there is technology transfer and the locals learn by doing.

This program would cost out at $10 Billion over 10 years.

It would, most importantly reduce the leverage and profits of Russia. USA would get way more than $10 Billion worth of strategic positioning by making Europe less dependent of Russia for natural gas.

The Fracking Corps, like the Peace Corps would be all volunteer and a form of national service to the USA.

It cannot be run by the Joe Biden State Department, but it could be run by a new and far better US State Department starting in January 2025. Personnel could be recruited now. Technical people, equipment, and logistics could be put in place now.

Most of the Billionaires support the Dems. But we have a few. We need a big fat Billionaire to put the pieces in place for the Fracking Corps, so it can get a quick start in January 2025, under President Conservative Person, who will be young, bright, articulate, a lot like Tom Cotton or Gov DeSantis.

This idea would, if the required shale deposits are found, save the world. It would be like the Marshall Plan.

But on Twitter it is going to be read by 3 or maybe 4 people. If you are one of those people please share it to the max, and tell those you send it to, they can share it to the max as well.

Very Truly Yours,

Robert Fenton Gary, BA, MBA, JD
Navy JAG Corps (Retired)


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