Taking A Break From Government

All spending bills must originate in the US House.

The GOP is likely to control the US House in about 100 days.

The GOP can simply pass very few and very small spending bills.

Not enough to hire, arm and train 87,000 people to do what Biden wants done.

The GOP can maintain a small spend posture till January 2025.

Biden will still be President. And can do Triumph of the Will presentations, maybe even with Marines, at the Pentagon, and jet planes flying over, and tanks rolling by.

I was there in DC when the boys from Fort Belvoir were called out in their tanks to roll around on the streets around 1968. These were active duty people not National Guardsmen. Tanks, not APCs. I saw quad 50’s set up on the steps of the US Capitol. I know from Triumph of the Will. Biden, as usual, is the counterfeit version, as real as a Rolex watch you buy on 42nd Street.

Anyhow, a way exists to contain the harm that Biden is doing. Just shut most of the Federal government. He can issues edicts about pronouns in newspeak in the Federal Agencies in the swamp in Washington. He can have singers come and sing about suicide on his back lawn. He can put training wheels on his bike, and go for rides with Mayor Pete.

But his harm in tampering with you and your life will be vastly contained, and reduced.

No, he can’t be removed. There are no 67 honest Senators. They would swear to apply the law to the facts. They would agree that Article IV Section 4 is in the Constitution, but they would join Biden is saying the border is closed. You know better, but you are a breakfast taco. Nobody cares what breakfast tacos know or think.

But a GOP US House will be the break you need to save you from total ruination at the hands of Joe Biden, who works for Xi, an enemy of USA. Joe and Xi feel that USA is a bad place that deserves to be destroyed. It’s not woke enough. Or green enough. And Greta Thunberg agrees, and the Bernie Babies, and Fetterman, and AOC.

You have a job, a house, a car, a family, a place in your community.

You will not miss the Federal government being gone for a couple of years.

Or forever, if that’s how the new President coming in 2024 wants it.

The Federal government can be pared down to the two check writing agencies (Social Security and Medicare) and a Committee in the House that makes block grants directly to the states, and the skeleton version of the Department of Defense, with no extra Marines to pose in political shows.


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