Three Colonels and a Captain

Dad was a Colonel in the French Resistance working for Gen. Chartles De Gaulle. He taught me to shoot and to gamble in a casino, at Cannes, Monte Carlo, and Monaco.

Colonel Warrick ran the Knickerbocker Greys my military school for three years, and he ran Camp Adirondack, which was a camp in Glen Burnie New York. So I was taught by Col. Warrick for seven years, three in NYC, four in Glen Burnie.

Colonel Jouannot ran Institut Le Rosey in Rolle and Gstaad Switzerland when I learned from him and his wife for three years. He kept his rifle in the corner of his office. He was in the Swiss Army as all men were in those days. Which is why even Hxtlxr decided to attack Russia but not Switzerland.

Captain John Owen of the RAF, flew Hurricanes and Spitfires in the Battle of Britain and got five conformed kills (so he was an Ace), He taught English and Anglo-American culture to me for two years, and wrote the letter that helped me get into St. John’s College (Annapolis).

Three Colonels and a Captain = a kid that came out a conservative. And Eisenhower Republican. A liberty and free market die hard. I did not read Ayn Rand till 1965, and so she was preaching to the choir with me. And I read Peikoff. And back issues of The Objectivist. And Harry Browne (How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World).

I have no plan to become Woke. Nobody is owed anything in this world, or if they are, it’s not based on their skin color. People do things to earn what they get. Having an identity is not enough for any special treatment. Teaching people that it is, harms them. Whatever you think you are giving them, you are also disabling them. They get the “freebie” but they get crippled for life by the idea that their identity is some sort of passport to goods and services.

I was given Adam Smith. And a dozen avid Johnnies who made me see the value of capitalism. I have signed the front of many paychecks. I had a factory for four years while attending law school at night. Back in those days, my lawschool graduated about 1/3 of the actual trial lawyers in California. Trial law is a specialty in the legal profession called litigation.

Since I was good at litigation I joined the US Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and did military law litigation, which actually is easier than civil litigation in the Federal Courts because the rules are more clear and simple.

As a politician, Ward Healer was the furthest I ever got (5th Ward, Philadelphia). I was the RNC liaison for Philadelphia.The Ward Healers all worked for Mayor Rizzo in those days, who beat me with a stick, for being a Republican and for making him give parade permits he did not want to give. Ge made sure people knew, he was boss, even though I did get the permits. I was elected on the same ticket as Ronald Reagan. Before that, back in 1972 I had worked on the Nixon Victory Campaign. I was an organizer in Southern California, while attending law school there.

Trial lawyer or not, I am very shy. An INTJ of the old cat person school. Live and let live. I seek to exercise power over myself only, and even there, I fall short much of the time. I do not like crowds. Mom and Dad were both spies. They did not like crowds either. I was raised in Rhinelander 4 upper east side, and in Switzerland. On Facebook, I have a carefully selected circle of friends all of whom are achievers, and outstanding at what they do. As an inventor, I only got one patent (US 10,176,661 B2) but it’s a pretty good one — opened up a new form of coding for authentication called Photon-DSP.

As many others have felt, my life has been made smaller and less active because of Joe Biden, and who knows how this guy became President, but there he is, and his affect on my life has been pretty bad. He has the Patent Office organized around his Equity and Climate and Woke ideas so they give the fast track to patents that appear to fix the sky in a green way and save the planet.

I hope the mid-terms bring the US House and US Senate back into sound and sane hands.

I will vote for Trump again if he gets the GOP Nomination, which seems very likely.

Trump will drain the swamp, again, muck out the stalls, lay down fresh hay, and make USA work again as it should, not based on identity politics, or crooked deals, or favors owed to Biden by Jim Clyburn. We need sunrise in America again, and to put the country back on the level. I think I still have my yellow tie. Ready to wear it again.


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