Nations Will Make a Comeback, and Walled Cities may Return As Well

America is a great place, or was.

But many people want to live in a nation that is actually a nation. Like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Finland, Scotland, Germany, or Japan.

One advantage to having a nation is the border, which means the people around you will be fellow citizens, not random people from all over the world.

Nations will become popular again. This may take more than a few months.

In the meantime, we may go back to walled enclaves, or cities.

A city with a wall around it is a walled city. The people inside the city have reason to think that those they meet will be fellow citizens of that city, like ancient Athens, or ancient Rome.

With a lot of Wokeness and a lot of Equity everyone is all mixed randomly. Like iron filings on a vibrating plate. Ready to be organized by Simulmatics, Palantir, Facebook or Google.

I am not an iron filing. I am not an atom in somebody’s game or atoms, and their manipulation.

I am a conservative, a Nixon, Reagan, and Trump voter.

You do not want to see what would happen if I was in charge. The Whiney Z’s would run screaming for the hills. I would make things right in USA real quick. The old adage “One riot, one JAG” would be demonstrated and vindicated. Nobody’s heads would be up on pike on the White House lawn. I am not a barbar. Not Genghis the mighty Khan. But, yes, you would notice an America more like Ike’s America. Quiet, orderly, law abiding, productive, getting stronger every day. Sort of like what another retired JAG is doing in Florida.


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