In the Fight Twixt Truth and Falsehood, for the Good or Evil Side

Mr. Dann would never have let a communist, or a socialist, or a progressive, or a “Woke” person teach at Trinity-Pawling. He was aware the freedom and socialism are in a death struggle to be the light that the world follows.

Since about 1975, public schools in USA have been run by “professional educators” (people with degrees in “education”, like Jill Biden).

Nobody on Park Avenue would have entrusted their kids to Mr. Dann except the knew him personally as a business tycoon, in the insurance business. They knew he was a sound person.

The people running our public schools for the last half century, have in many cases been unsound persons, who don’t know a communist from a non-communist and do not feel it is their place to inquire.

Global communism never sleeps. It is implacable. It seeks opportunity. It leans on the door. It is the Ever-Ready Bunny. So, it quickly detected the weak link in USA —- the public high school faculty — who are now called the unionized teachers. These people can be used as helpful idiots. They can be infiltrated. They can be selected to teach toward socialism, or communism, or progressive world view.

That is the story of what the last half century has done to USA.

Capitalism was weak on this point. It had the defense. It was distracted. The parents had to work, they had jobs, they had things to do. They were forced to put trust, and this trust landed on unsound people in many cases, who ran the public schools as places that undermined the USA, capitalism, freedom, and the Constitution.

We took our eye off the ball for half a century and then Joe Biden was, of course, elected.

The left and the right are in a death struggle, and have been since Das Capital was published, and since the Bolsheviks took over Russia.

Mr. Dann did not take his eye off the ball. And none of the Heads of New England prep schools in the 1950’s and 1960’s did either. He knew what we have now discovered. Since the voters chose to replace Trump with Joe Biden. They did not become “insane” — they were made insane by subtle sleep teaching in the K-12 schools run by weak Administrators, and left wing teachers’ unions.

There are three prep schools in USA where they still know the difference between a communist and a non-communist. They are the prep schools for the Naval, Army, and Air Force Academies.

The Naval Academy Prep School, which is a grade 9 to 12 school run by the Federal government, graduates patriots, who stand by USA, free markets, freedom, and capitalism. Most NAPS grads go straight into the Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. This prep school is not run by a Park Avenue tycoon, that all the parents know and trust. But it is run by a sound person.

There are facts, and narratives. I have no narrative. Just the facts. I have no degree in “History” I only have my story, and I try to bring it on the level. I think that historians will someday tell you what I’m telling you now. They have the cred to be heard. All I have is what I’ve observed, like Thucydides (who was a General in the war between the Greeks, so he saw things, not just an Ivory Tower guy).

I saw what happened to USA. How the left infiltrated the schools, captured the minds of the Millenials and XYZ’s, and the rest is, as they say, “History”. Natural consequences flow from intentional causes, quite naturally. Communism never sleeps. It always leans of the door. Wants to come in. You get distracted — it will come in — It has come in, for now, it runs the country.


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