The Problem with Metaverse is that People Grow Up

People are 12 to 16 for just four years. After that they start to grow up. They no longer want to buy a bigger piece of “land” in Metaverse cartoon world, or an addition to their cartoon house in imaginary world, or better furniture to decorate their imponderable lifestyle in the Land of Biden’s Brain, which is blank.

People do not want to trade real actual money for fake imaginary things, when they no longer have their parents money to spend.

If they have to earn the money, they won’t buy cyber things with it.

Growing up has occurred before (for 4 million years). People who do not study history sort of know things that happened since they got up today, but that’s about it.

Who will tell Zuck?

The markets that trade Meta stock.

The balance sheet.

The net worth statement.

Zuck will see, at a Bidenesque rate, within 16 weeks, that things are not copasetic in Meta Land.

All of which proves that being able to code, or take financial gain from somebody’s else’s code, does not make a person aware, thoughtful, or functionally responsive.

News to Zuck …. “People grow up”


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