Telling History Accurately

What happened to USA is that we became morally hypnotized and academically subordinated.

That’s how Obama got elected.

A man who hates USA, raised by his dad who hated USA, and Bill Ayers, and Jeremiah Wright.

This school of thought holds that America is an evil colonial nation that did genocide and oppression in many lands, including to the American indians, and to black people in USA.

So America deserves to be destroyed as Rev. Wright called for.

These ideas began with Chester Bowles, an academic who was widely read in the 1950’s, most probably by Obama’s mom and dad.

When a nation is led by someone who hates it and wants to see it destroyed, bad things happen.

Biden is the successor to Obama, intellectually and ideologically, and very bad things have happened to USA on Biden’s watch so far, and he’s not done, he may be working to bring us global thermonuclear war, which really would finish us off.

Decatur said words like these — I always want my country to be right, but, my country right or wrong.

This posits a possible conflict between nationalism and morality.

Love of your nation or regard for the fate of your soul.

Decatur was ready to go to Hell to uphold USA.

Today the “moral” and academic snowflakes are ready to go to Hell to destroy USA utterly.

So what we have today is people who are not like Decatur. People who are the opposite of Decatur.

This is a natural consequence of the principle of “academic freedom” by which principle treason thinking people are elevated to high positions and teach our children to be treason thinking just like them.

Very few positive things can be said about Trump, but here is one — He is a patriot who loves USA like Decatur did. And here is another, he raised kids who think right, work hard, and have their heads on straight.

Yes Yes I know I know — you want to quote Jamie Raskin to be, but just stow it. I’ve heard it, I don’t need to have it quoted to me — I live in Maryland, he is my Congressman, I know what he says. So zip it.

We need a National Decatur Society. We need all persons who teach to be members.

The Founders were very cynical and worldly people, not starry-eyed idealists. But in their wildest dreams they simply could not imagine that we would repeatedly elect USA haters to lead USA. Obama and Biden have just about destroyed USA. It was predictable but so unlikely that nobody saw it coming. The “possible” is limited to things that have happened. But reality creates new possibles by black swanning off in directions that were hitherto “impossible”. Reality makes its own rules. It is that it is. Like Yahweh.


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