What Shall I Know?

In about 28 days I will know if Biden, the outlaw rogue President, will be seriously reined in by the US Congress or if he will be enabled to compete his planned destruction of USA to utter desolation.

By the end of 2022 I will know if Tulsi Gabbard has been warmly welcomed into the GOP, or she has chosen to become an Independent, either way, God bless her.

By the end of 2023 I will know if Putin gained or lost by his war of aggression in Ukraine.

By the end of 2024 I will know if the crypto currencies will be out of business in USA, I China, and around the world.

By the Spring of 2023 I will know if the China virus has developed a new mutation that puts the live of all mankind at serious risk again.

By the end of 2024, I will know if the Fed has done any act to quell inflation, and if it has caused a massive Recession, or Depression. [If the GOP gains control of the US House, spending by the government may be cut back.]

By the end of 2023 I will know if Elon Musk owns Twitter, and if he is devoted to free speech and the elimination of censorship by Woke People.

By the end of 2022 I will know if Trump has total command of the GOP or is likely to be challenged for the GOP Nomination in 2024.

By the end of 2023 I will know if the electric grid in USA is adequate to meet the circumstances. [I assume that Electric Cars are not going to be widely adopted in the next 15 months].

By the end of 2029 I will know if fusion is a viable source of electric power in USA. This would only change every single thing in our economy, lives, and way of living. [Incidentally, not that it matters, it would also reduce the CO2 we put in the sky.]

By the end of 2028, I will know if the teacher’s unions have paid any price for setting up the voters to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, or if they are as strong and influential as ever. [All sorts of hybrids are possible between “home” schooling and turning your kids over to the teacher’s unions.]

By 2027 I will know if my truck can last 25 years. It’s on year 20 now, and going strong. It is a Silverado, but I drive it very gently. If that truck goes out, I would have a serious situation to manage. I think my next vehicle will be a Jeep. Maybe a Cherokee or a Tucson.

By 2025 I will know if my vitamins are doing any good to keep my vision working OK enough. If my ability to see gets worse, that would change much of my life. I’ve already stopped inventing, but my mind is considering some industrial design work. Designing things that work well, but are not entirely new things.

By 2028 I will know that it was futile to wish for heads on pikes on the lawn of the White House. I had about six of them in mind, placed close enough to the fence so that passers-by could recognize them, but it will not happen, and possibly it shouldn’t. This is not Mongolia under Genghis the Mighty Khan. One should be content with one’s pleasure dome, like that of Kubilai Khan, the gentle nephew.


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