Re Ukraine

USA should provide arms so that Russia pays a very high price for conquering and taking Ukraine.

We are not sending people, we are sending Javelins and Stingers.

Yes, it is US taxpayer money.

No, there is no return for US taxpayers, unless they hold shares in US Defense contractors.

Yes, there is some risk of a direct conflict between USA and Russia.

Yes, it could go nuclear.

So, why do it?

That is my topic in this post.

Here’s why —- When Russia invaded Ukraine it violated the order of all nations outlined by Hugo Grotius, Blackstone, Coke, Justinian, and Solomon.

Who cares about the order of nations, global norms, or peremptory values?

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Why isn’t global chaos as good for the US taxpayers as the order of nations?

Chaos is never good for profits. It always hurts the top line, the bottom line and the yield.

War and global war, and global nuclear war are bad for the wealth of nations, including this one.

So, I stipulate that the Ukraine war pays no dividends in return for the weapons we invest in it.

But I say if every nation is a bystander when the order of nations is destroyed (by Putin’s crazy war on Ukraine) then the whole world goes down a very dark path, and US taxpayers are in the world, so they go down too.

In the fight between good and evil, order and chaos, law and brute force, USA should do what it can to be in the right. Javelins and Stingers are what it can do, so it should do that.

I rest my case.


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