How the Patent Office Put Me Out of Business

They found typography issues with my patent. About line spacing. They sent me a four page letter full of typography issues that a robot could find. No human looked at my patent. The patent was scanned, the robot ran the algorithm (written by Silicon Valley) and spit out the detailed letter telling me about the CFR’s that were technically violated by my patent. They had about a dozen, sort of like the line spacing issue.

I was up against bad faith. The Powers that Be. The Biden all-of-government climate change fanatics, and my patent was not about climate change so it was put at the end of the line and got the harshest possible treatment. I worked on that thing for five years and it went to through 40 drafts before I filed it. No human ever read it. A robot shut me down cold. Very vicious.

OK, so I expressly abandoned my patent and asked the Patent Office for a refund on the $490 that I paid to have the patent examined, which never happened.

More than six weeks have gone by. No refund. I called, they said my refund application was in the backlog pile waiting to be assigned to an analyst to make a decision about my refund. This is a patent that’s not about climate change, and the Biden government told the Patent Office to put climate change patents first. My refund is likely to be considered about ……. never.

The $490 is important to me. Not rich. See? Just a work-a day inventor — until they put me out of business.

Their job is to examine patents, not feed them to a robot.

Their task is to provide government FOR the people, not AGAINST the people.

They are a waste of space.

The Budget of the Department of Commerce should be re-allocated so it goes to paying down the national debt.

Same for Department of Education, FERC, EPA, Department of Labor and 25 other agencies. We cannot clean up the swamp, but we can bulldoze it off the landscape. With zero funding 75% of the swamp will dry up and blow away.

The People who could be written to, with a copy of the post enclosed would be Senators Rick Scott and Josh Hawley, and Congressman Kevin McCarthy. Print this out, write a note as a cover letter then send it to the people who can cut off all funding for 75% of the swamp and put the money to good purposes that are FOR the people and not AGAINST the people.

Biden exists, but there’s no reason we should be forced to allow Biden the destroy USA. What he did to me, he will soon do to you, one way or the other. If you help me with my effort to choke off the swamp you help yourself and your neighbors as well.

Sic Semper Tyrannis (thus always to tyrants)


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