A New Approach to Solar Power

This approach is based on generation of electric power by burning ethanol and hydrogen in combination with each other.

The ethanol comes from corn. The hydrogen comes from either algae making hydrogen, or dissociation of water using electricity from solar panels.

So a turbine is designed that runs on ethanol, boosted by injection of hydrogen gas at the last possible instant. The combined ethanol + hydrogen is a peppy mix with much force generated, and much torque in the turbine.

The hydrogen comes from breaking water into hydrogen and oxygen using power from solar panels.

What kind of solar panels? It does not matter. Any panels that create electricity.

What kind of corn? It does not matter. Any corn that yields ethanol.

What kind of turbine? It has to run on ethanol and hydrogen. The hydrogen must be injected just before combustion of the mixed fuel.

Apart from that, what matters is the force and temperature that the turbine blades must withstand, and their ability to resist being degraded by the hydrogen.

So, a specialty steel made with Niobium and Rhenium and Vanadium, and Nickle might be the core of the blades, and their coating could be a glass, ceramic, or polymer material that protects the metal from the corrosive effect of the hydrogen.

You need metal the make the blades strong. You need a coating to make the blades impervious to the acidic effect of the hydrogen. The blades are a very special composite of metal and coating.

The technology for making specialty turbine blades has been developed by companies like Lockheed Martin and McDonnell Douglas in their work on fighter jets used by the military. We know how to make high performance turbine blades. Making them for a power turbine is different but proximate.

Wind and solar do not work because the sun does not always shine, the wind does not always blow, and the cost of transmission and power conditioning (transformers), is huge.

In the present system, the ethanol and hydrogen are harvested immediately and stored securely until they are combusted together to make turbine power.

The turbines are already connected to the power grid. They are integral parts of the existing power grid. Putting in the new turbines is no big deal — take out the old ones, put in the new ones — no major discovery required.

If this post actually solved a major global problem you would not find it here, right?


About half the posts at this site solve major global problems, including currency, ID cards, energy issues, and education issues — so yes, this is exactly where you would expect to find a solution to the issue of sustainable energy.

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You should assess it first, then reject or accept it.

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