What is the Difference between a Paper Bullion Bank Bill and a regular US $100 Bank Bill?

They both seem pretty much the same — no blockchain, no smartphone, no cell towers, no internet, no power grid, no secret numbers, no proof of work, just person A hands the Bank Bill to person B and there it is — the transfer is done.

That could be done privately without all humans being able to see it and trace it in the blockchain, since there is no blockchain for A to hand B a $100 bill.

Do the experiment. Get a $100 bill. Now hand it to somebody.

Did you use secret numbers, or your cellphone? Or just your arm and hand?

Was there a blockchain involved, or the grid, or your smartphone, or the internet?

Or, was it just your hand, and the bill, and their hand?

Don’t take my word — try it — do the experiment — keep notes, and videos, and eyewitnesses.

They will show that the bank bill went from the hand of A to the hand of B.

So, how does Paper Bullion Bank Bill differ?

Here’s now — if the Federal government goes kerfluey and the $100 Bank Bill is now worth 2 cents, the Paper Bullion Bank bill still has 10 grams of Gold in it.

In it!

Does that mean 10 grams of Gold was passed from one hand to the other hand?


With 10 grams of Gold in it?


How do we know it’s real Gold?

Take the Paper Bullion Bank Bill to a participating bank. They will give you credit, cash, or a Gold round for it.

Would they do that if the Paper Bullion Bank Bill did not contain 10 grams of Gold?

No, they wouldn’t.

So who has the risk?

Not you!

The bank says it can tell an authentic Paper Bullion Bank Bill from a fake, and the bank says it is willing to take all the risk so you have no risk.

The Paper Bullion Bank Bill is as good as Gold for one reason — it is Gold!

10 grams.

They will give you metal if you want.

The new global reserve currency will be Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

The patent on how to make it is US 10,176,661 B2

The first genuine person with an authentic check for $2 million can buy the patent from an unknown inventor on Hunter Hill Drive 21742-2588.

His name is Robert Fenton Gary, his patent, and bio is on the web.

You say this story is completely incredible. You would have to push two clicks to verify it.

But that’s way too hard. Your finger is sore, the dog ate the button.

Poor you.

[Parmenides — if you copy and paste this on my FB page I will be very grateful]


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