Political Jurisprudence

Prudence means attentive caring. Polis means city or state. Juris means law or custom.

At age 75, I am allowed, except on Facebook, to express political jurisprudence. Facebook will be brought to book someday within the next decade or two. It will discover the First Amendment. It will find that all it’s people have gone over to Twitter where they can have liberty. Like crypto-king Facebook will say “Sorry, we messed up.”

My judgments as of 17 November 2022 —

1. America has had enough of Donald J Trump.

2. If Trump is elected again, we will invite four solid years that will be all about Donald J Trump — how guilty, or not guilty he is.

3. The universe has other things in it besides Donald J Trump.

4. Some of these things matter.

5. So, we best move on, fare forward, proceed, and get some other person to be President who is not Donald J Trump.

6. Ron De Santis comes to mind, as does Tom Cotton.

7. Trump’s policy ideas were and are 100% correct and helpful to USA. Especially the Wall and the idea of no useless wars (Ukraine).

8. Some person who is not Trump could execute on those ideas.

9. Trump dominates the GOP at this instant.

10. Time exists — and it brings changes.


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